BOMA's Principles


About BOMA

In 2006, Japanese carbon technology leader ASK TRADING founds its bicycle division. The BOMA brand was born. Partnering BOMA's top engineering talent with state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, we have been able to offer high-performance bikes that reflect the highest Japanese standard in carbon frame and wheel production.


From an all-in-one system of design, planning, procurement of materials and production, we deliver a product that reflects Japanese excellence at reduced cost with timely delivery.

OEM Technology

Through 3-D analysis of varying carbon sheets, weave angles and layering, we have been able to stay at the cutting edge of carbon bike technology in our day-to-day OEM production. Our consistent design, planning and production processes have also allowed us to contribute not only to the field of cycling, but also to the disciplines of the Paralympics.

  • Diagonal Edge Processing

    Diagonal Edge Processing

    The formation of diagonal edges using the latest monocoque-processing technologies to improve rigidity in predetermined directions.

  • Oversize Lowerhead

    Oversize Lowerhead

    A tapered head tube with differential upper and lower diameters, for improved stability and increased rigidity.

  • Low Center of Gravity

    Low Center of Gravity

    By utilizing rigid strength in the downtube and BB sections, and reducing weight in the top tube areas, a rider is able to achieve a lower center of gravity and increased stability.

  • Equal Power Tube

    Equal Power Tube

    A technology allowing for the integral molding of frames from top tube to rear brake hole without deviation from any surface or line.

  • Dual Molding Technology

    Dual Molding Technology

    The joint sections of complex three-dimensional molded tubing requires flexible 3K carbon along with silicon-based molded parts. Each section is pressurized with air bags in order to ensure uniformity in the molding process, allowing us to eliminate unnecessary seating. Strength, rigidity and super-light weight in our final product is realized.

  • Dual Molding 2 Technology

    Dual Molding 2 Technology

    ”EPS"(Expanded Poly-Styrene )Molding can perform stable press molding, it can make even lighter strong frames.

  • High Pressure Transfer Molding

    High Pressure Transfer Molding

    We employ special molding in order to incorporate a press-fit BB86. It allows for excellent dimensional accuracy with no warping or distortion after molding.

  • Basalt Fiber Processing

    Basalt Fiber Processing

    We employ heat-resistant basalt fibers used in the brake wall portion of our rims, reducing the risk of deformation.

  • High Precision Bearing

    High Precision Bearing

    High-quality Japanese-made bearings are used to ensure high precision, durability, and top-grade rotary performance.

  • Hybrid Forming

    Hybrid Forming

    Optimal lead and hole processing for utilization of either conventional wire or electronic Di2 componentry in the framing.

Saftey Control

BOMA products comply with all European EN safety standards. In every stage of mass production, we carry out testing in vibration, durability, and impacting with the latest in proper safety management and measuring devices.

Company Name ASK TRADING Inc.
Business Description ・Manufacturing of Carbon bikes,Parts.
・OEM of Carbon product.
Location 4-10-2, Waseda Misatoshi, Saitama 341-0018, Japan
TEL +81-48-951-5820
FAX +81-48-951-5821
WEBSITE http://www.boma.jp/